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The Station House was opened in December 2015 by Chris and Susannah Mansfield, with the aim of building the pub they wanted to drink in, in the hope that enough other people agreed!

Our Team

Our welcoming team are all passionate and knowledgeable about the beers, ciders and other drinks, and always happy to advise.

Gravity Beer

We choose to serve the beer without handpulls - in our opinion, the best way. This older method of serving along with modern cooling technology gives us huge control over the quality of the beer, and removes the risk factors from serving through a handpull. 

Although it will often serve with a looser head, or even no head, the beer tastes fresher, zingier, and with more fizz on your tongue.


We won CAMRA Regional Cider Pub of the Year in 2017, and remain Town Cider Pub of the Year (2017 & 2018) and runner up Town Pub of the Year. 

Setting up

We took an empty shop unit that had never been a pub, built a cooled room (the "cellar") and turned it into a brand new pub. 

The pub continues to evolve and develop as we grow the business - it's a job that will never be finished!

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